Drop-N-Go Extraction Set

Drop-N-Go Extraction Set applies glass-fiber filter to capture and purify high quality nucleic acid within a few minutes. The compact and easy-to-use design enables users to prepare nucleic acids for downstream application on the insulated isothermal PCR (iiPCR) system for point-of-need detection of biological targets.


  • ■ Filter-based nucleic acid extraction method.
    ■ Disposable format.
    ■ Easy recovery of nucleic acid from sample lysate.
    ■ Extract nucleic acid from various sample types such as whole blood and shrimp tissue.
    ■ Nucleic acid in eluate ready for iiPCR assays.
    ■ 48 reactions per set.

One-hour* from sample to iiPCR result   * Hands-on time less than 10 mins