The POCKIT™ Dengue Virus Reagent Set is based on insulated isothermal PCR (iiPCR) and  is intended for the qualitative diagnosis of dengue infection using serum collected from patients during acute phase.  The primers and probe only target the 3' UTR sequence of dengue virus serotype 1-4. This reagent set is specially designed to be used on an iiPCR compatible instrument, POCKIT™ Nucleic Acid Analyzer, in this system the PCR results can be delivered in 1 hour. The results from this test are to assist medical diagnosis, not to be used as the sole basis for treatment or other patient management decisions.


  • ■ Cost-effective
    ■ Easy to operate
    ■ Reliable

Operation guide 

Technical Information

Overall agreement ..…………100% (CI95%, 98.76% to 100%)
Positive agreement ….………100% (CI95%, 97.81% to 100%)
Negative agreement ..……… 100% (CI95%, 97.22% to 100%)

*Compared to U.S. CDC DENV-1-4 Real-Time RT-PCR Assay

Ordering Information    
ProductCat No.Spec
PCR mixPOCKIT™ Dengue Virus Reagent Setapls-01748 tests/set

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